OMI Thanks M3 for generous donation through Open Collective

OMI would like to thank M3 (Metaverse Makers) for their generous contribution to OMI in the form of a $1,000 donation through Open Collective! Their commitment to the open metaverse and participation in OMI since the early days is a true testament to their commitment to fueling a more open metaverse where builders of all levels can have a say in how it works.

M3 (Metaverse Makers) has been a long standing advocate for the open metaverse. The group builds in the open together in an ever changing virtual hackerspace that takes shape through meetups in various platforms testing the limits of interoperability in the metaverse. They share a trove of knowledge on interoperability through their github and the xrdevlog.

One of the many focuses of M3 is avatar interoperability and they have routinely hosted an Avatar Interoperability Group that meets weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm EST.

M3 has been actively participating in buildathons and minting NFTs to generate funds to donate to open source organizations and projects. Most recently they made a contribution to Open Brush through the "dank nugz" project. The OMI donation was the result of the monaverse buildathon in February where M3 was awarded for a recreation of Voxel (cryptovoxels) as it looked 2 years ago when it was black and white.

A party to celebrate.

Member antpb met up with Jin asynchronously in hubs to accept a 3D check on OMI's behalf. There were fireworks, BIG checks, and a Sith Lord even showed up to party.

Anthony built a 3D check for M3 to use in future donations. Give it a spin in the scene below!











If you would like to join M3 and help OMI fund projects that help the open metaverse, please consider donating at!

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