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Open Metaverse Interoperability Group

Bridging virtual worlds by designing and promoting shared protocols

The Open Metaverse Interoperability Group (OMI) is focused on bridging virtual worlds by designing and promoting protocols for identity, social graphs, inventory, and more. Our members include businesses and individuals working towards this common goal. Aside from technical work, OMI aims to create a community of artists, creators, developers, and other innovators to discuss and explore concepts surrounding the design and development of virtual worlds.

Core Values#

  • We collaborate, driven by research, privacy and accessibility, to make the metaverse more human.
  • We work incrementally, iteratively, and with intent.
  • We are creating a cooperative, sustainable culture of innovation.
  • We empower the people making the metaverse.
  • We must cultivate resiliency by championing diversity, and freedom of choice.
OMI Core Values